4 axis CNC Machining

Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) machining is the flip-side of 3D printing, but offers some substantial strengths over that technology. Just like 3D printing, it produces complex 3-dimensional objects. The difference is in the process – CNC starts with a solid piece of a particular material (typically steel, or aluminium, but potentially glass, wood, plastic or nearly any other solid) and then used computer-controlled robotic cutting manipulators to carve out the exact shape set out in the CAM data or 3D model we input.



CNC Machining – True Precision Engineering

When combined with our world-class CAD/CAM capabilities, our CNC machining shop allows the engineering of some truly amazing things, including the analysis, design and prototyping of extremely complex and delicate hardware.


1 Off Prototyping

The real strength of the CNC approach is flexibility. There is no need to re-tool between runs. The XYZ machine we use can turn an experimental impeller in one instance then go directly to a precision mould face and then carve a statue based on a 3D scan all in the same day. This cuts the cost of small run production and prototyping dramatically, and we put that capability at your fingertips.

Mould and Pattern Making

We can rapidly produce exact, highly detailed patterns and moulds for nearly any industry using our CNC process, from a variety of materials including woods, metals, plastics, polyurethanes and even laminates.

Our 4Axis CNC Machine – The XYZ 1020 VMC



XYZ’s model 1020 is one if the finest CNC machines we’ve ever worked with, and we’ve seen quite a few. It is a large machine, which means it can produce large, heavy prototypes and pieces just as easily – and just as precisely – as it can tiny ones. It boasts a 20horsepower, 8000 RPM spindle with over 1000mm of travel along the X axis, and more than 520mm along both Y and Z axes. It can handle table loads of up to 800 kg. However, it is not just a workhorse. The 1020 features Siemens’ 828D control system, which makes creating an effective work plan in full 3D both fast, accurate and easy.