Wet rooms

From wet residential rooms such as bathrooms, shower rooms to commercial wet rooms such as slaughter rooms, we provide a complete GRP wet room solution to a range of clients in different industrial sectors. Fibreglass and GRP composites have amazing water resistant properties that make them ideal for use in constructing wet rooms.


Equinox products Ltd can help you mould the perfect glass-reinforced plastic mould to be applied in a wet room. Due to the versatility of the glass-reinforced plastic mould, we can add a texture or pattern of your choice to reduce the likelihood of slipping and falling in a wet room. We have been providing glass-reinforced plastic products in wet rooms for a very long time and know precisely how to get the perfect design and texture based on the clients’ needs.


Ideally, bathrooms, shower rooms and other wet rooms should have a glass-reinforced plastic water tight flooring to prevent water from penetrating the loose soil and rocks below the flooring into the ground which can compromise the foundation and structure of the property in the long run. Bearing this in mind, it is no surprise glass-reinforced plastic offers the perfect solution to homeowners, proprietors and contractors to help keep their wet rooms watertight. From the property owners to multinational construction companies, Equinox has been able to ply its trade in assisting each and every one of our patrons accomplish a glass-reinforced plastic wet room that fits the size of their budget.


Our GRP mouldings for wet rooms are developed to meet all the industry standards and are of extreme beauty and quality. Glass-reinforced plastic is resistant to water and certain corrosive chemicals making it useful in trapping water and other solutions in wet rooms that have a mixture of chemicals and other corrosive solvents.


Our glass-reinforced plastic wet room products extend to the moulding of fibreglass and GRP composite pipes and drainage systems in both commercial and residential construction settings. Using glass-reinforced plastic to mould pipes is both intelligent and affordable. The excellent properties of fibreglass products make them suitable for use in pipes since it is lightweight, resistant to some corrosive chemicals and durable.


Equinox product Ltd moulds glass-reinforced plastic products to fit perfectly in bathrooms, shower rooms and other wet rooms. From bath tubs to wet room walls, we design and mould the best glass-reinforced plastic products to keep water from destroying the structure of the building. Fibreglass is also an excellent insulator which helps to keep the wet room warm particularly in the winter seasons. With GRP moulds, you don’t have to worry about the shape or size of your bathroom as it can be easily remoulded to fit any bathroom size perfectly. Our mould is hand crafted to produce just the quality finishing you’d expect from a company like ours. Plus, our glass-reinforced plastic moulds can be produced in any colour to match the design and style of your wet room.


Equinox is always ready to solve your complex needs and specifications when it comes to moulding the best glass-reinforced plastic wet rooms. For a free consultation with a team member, please get in touch