Composite and Carbon Fibre Design and Fabrication

Equinox also offers top quality design and fabrication of composite and carbon fibre components of all kinds, but we specialise in producing prototypes, bodies and parts for the automotive and racing industries. We also do quite a lot of promotional work – including full-size (and often larger) figures for the gaming industry.

Carbon fibre, fibregalss and other composite materials have opened up new vistas not just for the sports and automotive industries, though. Nearly anything can be made from this strong, lightweight and beautiful material. Phone cases, small and large product bodies and casings, bespoke architectural elements, experimental auto body panels and even artificial limbs have all been made better with the use of composites.

Our composite and carbon fibre shop boasts a 2 metre square walk-in oven, so we can handle even the biggest jobs easily. Whether you need a fast and efficient wet lay lamination process, resin transfer work, or top of the line prepreg lamination, equinox has the equipment and experience to help.



Moulding and Patternmaking

We have an extensive patternmaking shop, and can create bespoke moulds and patterns based on your designs or 3D/CAD renderings of any kind.



Bespoke Composite Design

If you have a 3D model or detailed rendering ready, we can get right to work fabricating it. However, if what you have is more of a sketch – or even just an idea – Equinox can still create just the piece you need. We have some of the most talented engineers and designers in the UK with years of real world experience in prototyping, mechanical engineering and even aesthetic design. That means we can take your idea, model it, test it virtually, address its weaknesses and hand craft your prototype or small production run completely in-house.

In short, if you can dream it, we can probably build it.