Fibreglass Amusements

When designing and creating with fibreglass, the customer’s options are totally limitless. That’s why we’re the perfect partners to create magnificent pieces for the entertainment and amusement sector! We love the colour, glitter and bright lights of the funfair and whether you’re dealing with water, electricity or anything in between, we can make your ideas a reality with our fibreglass amusement manufacturing services.


Fibreglass AmusementsAmusement Machines & Props


Our expertise in this sector is second to none. We’ve worked with Harry Levy, the world’s number one manufacturer of coin pushers, on a number of occasions to produce a variety of new arcade machines and fairground amusements. Our big hitters include ‘The Dazzler’, which received rave reviews for its ultra modern design and fabulous colour scheme, the ‘Sweet Candy’ Amusement Machine, designed for eight players and featuring an innovative twist on push-box operation design, and the ‘Rally Racer’ Amusement machine, featuring a bright, 3D race car model.


Fibreglass AmusementsAlongside our sister company, our designers and engineers have also designed and produced models and pieces for amusement machine decorations, including Minions and Jurassic Park dinosaurs. No request is too weird or wonderful, and we are able to provide one-off pieces as well as long and short production runs.


Fibreglass AmusementsFairground Rides


Our adventures in the fun of the fairground don’t stop there! As well as small to medium standalone units, we’ve also designed and manufactured parts for mobile fairground rides and rollercoasters. Fibreglass AmusementsArms, seats, carts and pods are all well within our know-how, with our portfolio including the Tivoli Exciter and the Extreme Orbiter – just as terrifying as they sound!


All of our models meet the highest safety standards, making best use of a material that is at once malleable, non-conductive, and unbelievably hardwearing.