Highly Experienced Pattern Makers

Equinox Pattern Makers is a team of highly experienced and intuitive engineers working within the 3D manufacturing sector. As such, our Pattern Making services are second to none with a range of products being designed, machined and manufactured every single day from our advanced technology software and machines. As leaders in our field, we have the ability to both assist in the CAD design of your product or take your design and transform it into a high quality, structurally impeccable physical product.


Designing Patterns

It is incredibly important for the design of your patterns to be precise and correct before beginning to manufacture the final product. That is why we offer a range of support for DFM (Design for manufacture), DFA (Design for Additive Layering), and DFC (Design for Composite). Essentially, this means that whether you are designing your 3D product for machining or designing for 3D printing, we have the experts on hand to assist you.


Pattern Making

It’s no secret that pattern making has come a long way since the days of hand carved wood from 2D engineering drawings. Today, we use increasingly intuitive and technologically advanced machinery to construct and carve patterns. In our modern factory, we have a number of machines that assist us in both the design and manufacturing stage. Most noteworthy is our XYZ triple axis CNC machine that is one of the most advanced in its field. This machine allows us to build full scale patterns for any product that you desire with incredible precision and quality. For more information regarding our machine’s specifications, pleas give us a call and we’d be happy to talk through how our machine’s high tech specs are best for your needs.