Fibreglass Race Car Bodies

If you are looking for a new fibreglass or glass-reinforced plastic composite body for your race car, then we are the people to speak to. Whether you need a new body for your old and depreciated car body or you just built a new race car and needed a slick and stylish body to bring out the inner mojo and design of the car, we are confident we can assist you with just what you need.
There are many reasons why GRP is the best material for your racing car body and other car parts. It is affordable, the raw materials of fibreglass mould and their glass-reinforced plastic composites are relatively inexpensive and easy to get making it the preferred choice for most race car owners. It is more so if you are likely to be involved in a collision that might require a replacement car body. Therefore, you won’t need to break the bank to get yourself a new replacement glass-reinforced plastic race car body.


Haynes Roadster Body KitAlso, the glass-reinforced plastic body part is a brilliant shock absorber or high impact absorber which means it can help keep you safe in a high-speed racing collision. This makes the glass-reinforced plastic car body a brilliant choice for most race car drivers. The GRP mould and other composites are lightweight thus allowing the driver to accelerate faster without adding excess weight to the overall mass of the race car.


Equinox has built glass-reinforced plastic racing car parts for a countless number of clients. Simply put, we are the best when it comes to building high-impact, stylish and lightweight glass-reinforced plastic racing car bodies. From purely customised designs to big and well established automotive brands like the Aston Martin, Ford, Chevrolet and more we can mould the perfect race car bodies for your very own private race car. We love to help our race car clients bring to life their creative designs by involving them in every step of the production process to ensure their vision is brought to life just as they envisioned. We sit with you in pitching the idea after which we get our factory coats and hats and jump into the factory to produce your dream glass-reinforced plastic racing car body.


Fibreglass Race Car BodiesIf you are however unsure of the design specifications, don’t worry we have a team of creative experts to help pitch the perfect design. Also, we have a portfolio of brilliant designs to provide some much-needed inspiration in case you get stuck in the creative process. Our portfolio contains a collection of race car bodies from the most classic to the most modern race car designs. Let’s just say you won’t be short of choices, in fact; you will be spoiled for choice. Our primary objective at equinox is to help you walk out of the consultation feeling happy and excited with a clear picture of your GRP race car design. We do whatever humanly possible to help you achieve your design without rushing or causing extra stress.


We are very confident in our abilities in delivering excellent glass-reinforced plastic racing car bodies to our clients every time. From the most rugged designs to the slickest designs nothing is a challenge to the Equinox team of savvy technicians. No challenge has been above us so far, and we can’t wait to see what you have for us. Get in touch now!



Fibreglass Race Car Bodies