Fibreglass Containment Areas


Fibreglass is one of the best products to use for containment purposes due to its resistance to water penetration, and lightweight. It can be used in several commercial and residential applications to provide an impermeable layer to hold water and other solutions in fibreglass containment areas.


Fibreglass Containment area


At equinox, we are pleased to have provided and continue to provide Fibreglass to several high-end and low-end clients in both the commercial and residential sectors for containment applications in their projects. We can do same for you, just get in touch. We design and mould Fibreglass into any shape, size or thickness to fit perfectly in the chosen outlay area. We produce the highest grade and complete bespoke Fibreglass products based on your dimensions and purpose. If you need a large scale production, no problem we can accommodate your production needs no matter the scale and complexity. Our modern industrial machinery has been tried and tested on several projects and is still going strong. We upgrade our equipment regularly as new machinery are introduced in the market to give our clients the highest quality every time.


We have a lineup of GRP pros to provide consultation from the first time you contact us to the finalisation of the production process. We keep you involved throughout the production process by sending regular updates and having regular meetings with you to discuss progress reports and accommodate modifications if required.


We have produced Fibreglass for pool containment application for both residential and commercial properties. We have designed and moulded Fibreglass of different sizes of the various sized pools based on the client’s need. So whether you are thinking about having a pool indoors or outdoors, we can design a Fibreglass pool to fit your idea. We ensure the dimensions are carved out perfectly to fit excellently with a clean finish. The lightweight of GRP products and composites makes them easy to move around and install in any outlay area. Their water-resistant properties make them excellent for pool construction and other similar containments. Their durability factor also makes them low maintenance with the possibility of going years without thinking of maintenance and repairs.


Beside, pools we produce Fibreglass products for basic containment use and applications such as flower jars, bath tubs, cylinders and more. We are happy to accept challenges to produce different designs as requested by our clients. We see every challenge as a possibility of establishing our expertise and superior quality. We have been fortunate to maintain our high standards for so long by accepting and overcoming challenges one after the other. Do you have a challenge for us? Bring it on. We are always ready to get our hands dirty. We promise to complete your challenge in style, speed and quality.


Speak to us today to know more about our Fibreglass containment production capacity. We would love to hear about your project and requirements and work with you to make the job a success. We take delight in conveying your conceptions to reality. Get in touch today!!!