CAD Designs

At Equinox, we specialise in mechanical engineering and fabrication of all kinds. Almost by definition, that makes us experts in Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems. Not only can we turn your drawings, sketches or specifications onto detailed CAD representations, we can use our extensive 3D scanning setup to create CAD models from a pert or physical prototype. If you have a trickier job than that in mind, just ask! We love a challenge.



3D CAD Design

We can handle virtually any 3D design tasks, from fully detailed engineering designs to more conceptual work. We can produce CAD design files specific to any CAD/CAM system, rapid prototyping or 3D printing system in use today, and of course we have our own 3D printing and prototyping facilities if you need that as well.

Whether you need an idea or simple sketch turned into a fully visualised reality, the kind of model you can use for accurate stress analysis or any other type of 3D CAD work, Equinox is ready to help.


3D Simulation, Digital Prototyping and FEA

We can take your specifications, drawings or sketches and product an accurate, detailed 3D model which can be used to simulate the piece in action. This allows you to identify potential points of stress and failure, thermal or fluid flow, estimate the effects of drag and asses the feasibility of a design without fabricating any part of it.

With that data, Finite Element Analysis can even provide workable, testable design solutions.


2D CAD Design

Never underestimate the place 2D design work still has in the engineering, fabrication and manufacturing world today. Equinox can work up detailed 2D CAD renderings for nearly any project, from technical or assembly drawings, exploded diagrams, parts lists and more.



2D to 3D Conversion

Do you have mountains of 2-dimensional drawings, technical specs and/or sketches which need to be converted to filly detailed 3D CAD designs to be truly useful? We can help.

Our experienced 3D Modelling team can convert drawings or 2D CAD designs to 3D for you quickly and efficiently, giving you everything you need to bring your designs into the 21st century and beyond.