Fibreglass Signs

If you need a glass-reinforced plastic composite or fibreglass sign moulded for your business, then we can help. Fibreglass signboards and signs are no doubt superior to alternative materials such as metal and wood due to their excellent properties of durability, resistance, lightweight and more.


Equinox can mould GRP composites into the perfect sign and board to display the services offered by your business. Glass-Reinforced Plastic mould is versatile and flexible meaning it can be moulded into any shape, texture, size or thickness. So whether you need a large, small or medium-sized glass-reinforced plastic sign or board layout, we can help you accomplish this in our high-performance GRP moulding factory. Also because GRP moulds can be moulded into any form we can design various shapes, words, graphics, numbers, symbols, logos, etc. using the glass-reinforced plastic mould. Thus, whatever sign or board you need, just say the word and we can make it happen. We can also produce the sign in any colour including white and black. This can help you cut the cost of painting the board into a particular colour. From the most complex logo designs to the easiest of signs, Equinox has the expertise to deliver quality glass-reinforced plastic signs every time.


GRP signs can withstand severe environmental conditions since glass-reinforced plastic does not expand or contract when subjected to external temperature conditions unlike woods and metals. Thus, they can maintain their texture and appearance for a long time without the need for regular maintenance. This makes glass-reinforced plastic affordable over a long period, thus helping to reduce the overall running cost of the business. Fibreglass and GRP composites are also non brittle and strong to withstand the impact of vandalism on the glass-reinforced plastic sign especially if the sign is placed in an area prone to vandalism. This makes the glass-reinforced plastic a preferred material for moulding external business signs.


Whether you are looking for a large sign to be placed on the roof of a commercial building or a sign to go at the front of your retail shop or just a small sign to be placed on an office door, you can always count on Equinox to mould the perfect glass-reinforced plastic sign for you. No project is too big or too small. We can carry out mass productions of glass-reinforced plastic signs or one-off productions as per your requirements. Massive glass-reinforced plastic signs like the ones you find on the roof of skyscrapers can be intimidating up close. But this is not an issue; we can produce humungous fibreglass or grp composite signs of your company logo design, company name, products and services, address and more. We have extensive industry experience and know-how and have been able to help many other companies like yours achieve their dream glass-reinforced plastic signs. We work in close collaboration with our clients to meet and exceed their expectations.


Our team of technicians are the most reliable and experienced in moulding glass-reinforced plastics. They are friendly and very open-minded to accommodate new design ideas and suggestions to help you achieve your desired fibreglass business signs. Our employees go through robust training and supervisions before being allowed to work on projects to minimise the likelihood of errors on projects. We guarantee a 100% satisfaction from Equinox every time.


Contact Equinox products Ltd today for a bespoke glass-reinforced plastic business sign today. We offer a complimentary consultation to all clients so we can understand your project better and offer our priceless insight and advice. Get in touch now!