Pattern Makers & 3D Engineering

Equinox Pattern Makers is one of the most trusted and renowned pattern makers throughout the UK having completed extremely complex and intricate work to very high levels of quality. The company itself was borne out of its sister company, Equinox Products which specialises in Fibreglass engineering in all types of Fibreglass manufacturing and production. With Equinox Products’ growing success, following generations of experience in the Fibreglass industry, the company expanded and began to work in building precision patterns and, with growing demand, Equinox Pattern Makers was born.


High Quality Pattern Makers

Our patterns are built entirely in-house using the very latest and most advanced technology. With a team of experts that manage both the CAD design/manipulation of products and machine specialists, we have developed an incredibly efficient process that is both cost effective and at the highest possible quality. In fact, one of the main reasons for creating an independent company is to ensure that the quality of our Pattern Making is at its upmost, without being moulded into the Fibreglass work. It goes without saying, our pride comes from our ability to manufacture and deliver supreme quality in our patterns.

3D Engineering

We have engineers that cover a range of areas involved with 3D Engineering from 3D scanning, through Computer Topography Scanning and 3D Printing. Alongside our CNC Machine, we have a commercial scale 3D Printer that is available to be used by all. If you’d like to use our 3D printer, please upload your design on the right hand panel and receive a fully evaluated quote within the hour. For all other 3D engineering requirements, simply give us a call or send us an email to enquire as to how we can help you.